1. Introduction of stretch film machine

1) This machine uses POF/PE as main material to make one side or two sides-sticky stretch film 

2) Stretch film machine is also called stretch film making machine, casting machine

3)This machine can make machine use use film and hand use film, widely used in packing cargos

4)Stretch film has good shrinking memory and self-sticky function, prevent goods from loosening collapsing during transportation

5)Perfect transparency and tensile strenght of this film keep cargos clean and safe

 2. Main Configuration of Stretch Film Machine

1)Extruders:3 screws with diameter 90/55/55 mm, L/D 30:1, screw and barel material 38CrMoAl

2)Loading: 3 sets automatıc vacuum loaders

3) T Die: with 1800mm, 5layers extrusion A/C/B/C/A

4)Cooling: 2pieces recycling water chiler

5)Control system: Delta PLC, touch screen

3.Performance of Stretch Film

1) Good tensile strenght

2)Superior anti-pricking ability

3) High transparency

4) Good ductility and anti-impact strength

5)Stable sticky effect


Model 90/70-1500
Screw diameter 70/90mm
L/D ratio of screw 30:1
Width of T-Die 1750mm
Width of film 1500mm
Thichness of film 0.01-0.05mm
Structure of film layers A/B/A
Max output  150kg/h
Linear speed of machinery 150m/min
Total power 125kw
Dimension(L*W*H) 12*2.5*3m
Weight 9t
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