Product Details:


Packaging Linel or production line are automatic outside packaging machine,packaging line picked up medicine from Flow pack machine(pillow pack),overwrapping machine,cartoner(cartoning machine),carton case filing,sealing and strapping.

The production line is integrated flow pack machine,cartoning machine,weighting on line test device,overwrapping machine,case erecting machine and so  on.

Packaging line is adopted modular construction,user can choose suitable machines according to user’s production requirements.the packaging line is in high effective,automatic sort,and reduce human cost.The production line is suit to pharmaceutical,cosmetic and health care industries.


250(D)E/400(D)E Multi-function Automatic High-speed Flow Pack Machine

250(D)E/400(D)E Automatic Lower Feeding Flow pack machine or pillow packing machine is a packaging machine,that wrap many types of commodities including blister sheets, facial paper, soaps, biscuits, candies, chewing gum and instant noodles, and other rectangular, square, round or irregularly shaped products.

250(D)E/400(D)E Flow pack machine has the function of anti-moisture,drustproof and photonegative,and also enhances the product level and additional value.It can save more than 20% cost than using the manual packaging.

250(D)E/400(D)E Pillow packing machine can connect with Overwrapping machine,cartoner (cartoning machine) etc., to form a Production Packaging Line.


Main Features of Flow pack machine:

•Provides protection from light, moisture and dust. 

•Suitable for packing a variety of solid shapes and material. 

•Can pack a variety of sizes, quickly and safely.

•Package cut-off length can be calibrated by hand wheel.

•All contact parts are made of stainless steel.

•Optional electronic color code tracing device to make sealing and cutting positions accurate.

•Suitable for any heat sealable laminated film such as Polyester/Poly, Polyester/Met, Polyester/Poly, Bopp/Foil/Poly, heat sealable BOPP and Pearlised BOPP etc.


Main Technical Parameters:





Packing capacity


Bag size (mm) double cutter



Max. width of film



Power supply

AC220V 50Hz, 2.4KW

AC220V 50Hz, 3KW




Overall dimension (L*W*H,mm)




A cartoner or cartoning machine, is a packaging machine that forms cartons: erect, close, folded, side seamed and sealed cartons.

D120 cartoning machine  is an intermittent motion cartoner,which picks a single piece from stack of folded carton and erects it, fills with a product or bag of products or number of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive. The product might be pushed in the carton either through the mechanical sleeve or by pressurized air. For many applications however, the products are inserted into the carton manually. This type of Cartoning machine is widely used for packaging foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc.

120 cartoner machine is equipped with a series of sensors and automatic protective devices to assure the machine runs safely and effectively

It can connect with Blister Machine, Pillow Pack Machine,Overwrapping machine etc., to form a Production Packaging Line.


Main units of this Cartoner:

Gear Device:

The gear drives the carton conveyor chain and blister conveyor chain running in intermittent motion. 

Carton Conveyor Chain: 

The carton conveyor chain is used to transfer opened cartons to every stations, that can automatically complete the actions of inserting of blister cards and leaflets into cartons, embossing, closing of cartons, discharging of cartons. 

Leaflet Conveyor Chain: 

The leaflet conveyor chain is applied to send folded leaflets to the blister feeding station then the leaflets and the blister cards are inserted into cartons together. 

Carton pick-up device:

The carton pick-up with one set of suction cup can suck the cartons from the carton magazine, open the carton, place it on the carton conveyor.

The Leaflet Folding Device:  

The leaflet folding device can make the leaflet fold one to four folds according to customer’s demand .

Inserter device:

The inserter device can push the blister cards into the carton in intermittent motion.


Main Technical Parameters:



Encasing  speed

30-120 case/min


Quality  requirement


Dimension  range (L* W* H)

(50-180)mm* (30-85)mm* (15-50)mm


Quality  requirement


Unfolded  leaflet  specification( L* W)


Folded  leaflet  specification(1-4)*(L* W)


Compressed  air

Working  pressure


Air  consumption

120-160L / min

Power  supply

220V    50HZ

Motor  power


Machine  dimension(L* W* H)

3200mm* 1200mm* 1900mm

Machine Weight



Overwrapping machine or cellophane overwrapping machine. Overwrapping machine is suitable for the automatic packing of box-shape single objects or box-shape single objects or box-shape many objections such as pharmacy, food, health products, tea, cosmetic present stationary, audiovisual products etc. Overwrapping machine can replace the box in the paper and also can reduce the packing cost about 95%. Using the machine to pack can defend takeproof moisture and proof dust , and etc. Overwrapping machine improve the productions level , increase the productions additional value . Overwrapping machine can be linked to with boxing machine to compose packing production line.


Main Features of Overwrapping machine

1.Adopting the man-machine interface , PLC control, Failures diagnosing software .

2.Adopting the servo motor to feed film. The speed and the length can be adjusted .Using the film smooth and length accurate.

3.Adopting full cylinder drive .Steady running .accurately Synchronizing .conveniently adjusting hard sealing.

4.Compact structure .Easy to operation and Manipulating.complete safety device


Main Technical Parameters Of Overwrapping machine 



Packaging material


Production capacity


Bag size

L(50-300)* W(40-220)* H(10-100)mm

Power supply

AC380V 50Hz, 6.5Kw

Working pressure

0.6 Mpa

Air consumption




Outline dimensions(mm)


Size of feed table(mm)


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